Celebrities in Advertisements: Four Reasons Why They Are Def

When you think of advertisements that have stood out to you in the past, what are the first ones that come to mind? In many cases, consumers often remember ads that feature their favorite celebrity or a well known, high profile name. Not only does using celebrities in advertisements generate high levels of brand awareness and consumer engagement, but it also helps to increase profits and in some cases, increase customer loyalty to a certain brand or product. In today’s blog, we will be discussing a few ways of how companies can benefit from using celebrities in their advertisements and why the steep prices are usually worth it.

Here at ESB, we are always looking for ways to cleverly incorporate celebrities into our advertising efforts, given that our clients are interested. For some of our local clients, we often love reaching out to local sports teams, such as the Redskins, Nationals, and the Washington Caps, to create fun and engaging advertisements that will stand out to the consumers and fans. We were also able to create an awesome Super Bowl commercial for one of our clients featuring Mike Tyson, which turned out to be a successful endeavor!

So now, let’s discuss just a few way that companies can benefit from advertisements featuring celebrities:

Build Awareness - Brand awareness measures the percentage of individuals who are familiar with a certain brand. Companies spend large sums of money and time to create celebrity endorsed advertisements since they know that the use of a celebrity does a great deal to enhance awareness among viewers.

Attract New Clients - One of the main focuses of advertisements is to attract new consumers and give them a reason to spend their money on your products or services. When people see a certain celebrity in an advertisement that resonates with them, they are much more likely to be persuaded into trying out that brand.

Brand Positioning - Positioning a brand refers to placing a company in the best possible light in relation to its ideal targeted customers. When a well known and liked celebrity is used in an advertisement, people will associate that brand as having a more positive and likable reputation.


Influence Purchases – People often associate celebrities with high class and top of the line treatment. That being said, when someone famous is in an advertisement, many consumers think to themselves, “if this product is good enough for them, then it’s definitely worth my while!”


All that being said, celebrities are a great added benefit to advertisements if they are utilized in a positive and strategic way. If you have any questions about potentially using a celebrity in your next advertisement or want to try our services at ESB Advertising, 

Are Your Shingles Complaining?


For the new upcoming Long Roofing commercial, ESB Advertising took a whole new approach to the previous advertising efforts for the home improvement business. In the past, commercials had always been much more of a presentation of what Long can do for the average household; showcasing their designs and the quality of their services. This time, however, the approach was aimed more towards drawing in new clientele by utilizing some fun animations in the form of roofing shingles!

The commercial features three cartoon shingles, one old, one leaky, and one moldy, to signify the effects that weather and time can have on a roof. The animations talk amongst each other, hoping that the homeowner will give them a little bit of TLC before the rougher Fall and Winter months pose even bigger problems for the roof.

Essentially, the creative team at ESB wanted to portray a more creative and light way of advertising roofing services. Many companies advertise in repetitive and dull ways, but this new shoot was able to bring a lighthearted and humorous approach to the concept. Another exciting part of this project was the fact that a completely new jingle was created solely aimed at roofing, something that has never been done at Long before!


Clinton Cuts Political Ad Spend In Virginia and Colorado

When it comes to the political universe, LUR (Lowest Unit Rates) tend to give political parties the upper hand regarding ad reservations. Hillary Clinton’s decision not to air ads for the month of September in Virginia and Colorado gives advertising companies a little more room to breathe this political season. According to the polls, these two key states are showing numbers that are in favor of the Democratic party, giving Clinton the confidence to pull ads in those areas.

Clinton wanting to go dark in these states will not only save money, but it is an attempt to optimize results by focusing a majority of ads in the states that they are attempting to turnout. This strategy will give advertisers in Virginia and Colorado the chance to place ads during the month of September without having to deal with the heavy demand one could expect on inventory during a typical political year.

Just because the Democratic party has decided to scale back in these states doesn’t mean that they are going to go dark for the rest of the campaign season, as they plan to advertise again starting September 20th. This gives them the opportunity to expand their party and potentially educate new audiences. The next few weeks will be closely watched, as we anticipate what the Republican party plans to do in these states with the absence of Clinton’s ads.

Our Newest Commercial Featuring Team Paisano’s!


In the past month ESB Advertising has been working on many new and exciting projects that are set to launch this fall season. One of the most recent completed ventures is our new commercial for Paisano’s! Paisano’s has always loved incorporating athletes into their advertisements, and this series of shoots was one of the most involved yet, as pizza goes great with all types of sports!

Featured in the commercial are Pierre Garcon, a longtime beloved Paisanos sponsor and Washington Redskins Wide Receiver. We always love working with Pierre because of his fun and goofy personality on set. Also in the commercial are Chris Baker or “Swaggy,” who plays on the defensive end, Ryan Kerrigan, a linebacker, and Santana Moss, a former wide receiver who played for the Redskins. One of the more standout (literally) athletes in the commercial is Gheorghe Muresan, who stands at a staggering 7’7” and was drafted by the Washington Wizards in the 1993 draft. This year, we were also able to introduce Karl Alzner, who plays as a defense-man for the Washington Capitals, into the lineup. All of the athletes had their own unique style during the shoots which made for a very dynamic and exciting experience throughout the whole process.

Shooting these commercials was also super easy for our team. Normally, for these types of extensive food shoots, food stylists are hired to make sure everything look perfect. This requires extra time and a much more detailed thought process. For this particular project, however, we had no food stylists; we simply ordered Paisano’s delivery, like any normal customer would, and told the players to come hungry. The rest was easy! The players sat in our green room and ate until they were full. Not a bad day for a hungry athlete, right?

The commercial consists of the Paisano’s team enjoying their food items so much that they are not able to respond to the interviewer’s questions. From Chris “Big Bite” Baker to Gheorghe “Jumbo Slice” Muresan, each player has his own Paisano’s favorite. We really wanted to highlight the fact that the Paisano’s menu truly includes, “not just pizza, but something for everyone!”

That’s not it though… We have a few more commercials in the making, so don’t forget to check back on our website, YouTube, Facebook or LinkedIn to stay up to date with all of the latest ESB news! Also, make sure to take a peek at our hilarious bloopers video where we get to show you some of the behind the scenes action with the team!